Kanzashi Flower Tutorial

To make a Kanzashi flower you will need some square pieces of fabric, fabric glue, scissors, a needle & thread, a small piece of crinolin and a lighter.
I have used two colors of fabric you can use one color of fabric if you'd like. The first step is to take one square of fabric and fold it in into a triangle:
Do the same with the other colored fabric square:
Now put both triangles on top of each other:

Secure the three ends of both triangles together using fabric glue:
Again fold the fabric triangle into another triangle:

Glue the fold again from one side:

Now you have completed your first petal!
Cut the bulk fabric from underneath the petal:
Burn the edges of the fabric where you just cut with a lighter, but be careful don't burn the fabric:
You can secure your petal with a pin while you make more petals; I made six petals for this flower:

Now using thread and needle one by one join all the petals together: 
Tie the thread but don't tie it too tight otherwise it will be hard to arrange the petals:
Spread the petals in a flower shape:
Secure the petals in place by stitching the flower onto a piece of crinolin:
I bought small black flowerettes from Michaels to sew in the middle of the flower but you can use anything like (buttons, charms):
I made leaves using the same technique we used for the petals:
Attach the leaves to the flower and now your Kanzashi flower is ready to go on a hair clip, dress, or a bag. The possibilities are endless! 
I used my flower to embellish a dress:

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